Friday, 16 January 2015

9 Reasons Why I Wear Makeup

I know it's not compulsary to wear makeup, and I certainly know that it is for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. However, recently I seem to have been recieving some critisism for wearing make up on my own face. So, as a reminder/rant/lolz, here is a post so that people can understand my point of view on wearing makeup.Enjoy! B.x

1) Makeup makes me feel better about my appearance
I don't have too much of a problem going out in public without make up, infact I think its good to go a few days without it sometimes to let your skin breath! However if I know I'm going somewhere of some importance, I like to feel good about myself. I like to conceal my blemishes and hide all evidence of a hangover. Is that okay!?

2) I like to watch myself go from a 3/10 at to a solid 8
No, I'm joking. I'm not seriously rating myself there but it is magical to see what a transformation a bit of slap can make.

3) I collect makeup.
As a collector of makeup, it would seem abit silly if I didn't actually wear it, right? It would be like buying a Subway and just looking at it. All types of wrong.

4) It's fun!
I never knew I had a creative streak until I started playing around with makeup. Upon this discovery, I take great pride in my creations and have such a fun time too. Do. Not. Take. This. Away. From. Me!!

5) Enhance my favourite feature
If I had to choose, I'd probably say my eyes are alright. Infact, I quite like them. I like to wear warm browns on my eyes as thats the opposite colour to my baby blues on the colour wheel. It makes them stand out more. Clever huh?

6) Skin Care
Beleive it or not, a lot of my base makeup contains ingredients that are good for my skin. For example, a lot of my foundations contain SPF. Sun protection and a flawless base! Sooo clever.

7) Contouring though
Contouring is my absolute favourite part of doing my makeup. I look a strong cheek bone, along with bronzed skin and a beautiful highlight. Contouring slims my heart shape face, I can't see a negative about this at all!

8) Eyebrows though
I am one of those unfortunate people who wasn't blessed with lucious thick brows. Infact, I don't even think I have any hair on my eyebrows! Thanks to makeup, I can look like I am one of those lucky few. But I'm not. Waah.

9) Because I want to!
Makeup to me is a feel good factor and I love applying it, wearing it and then even taking it off. It's a hobby, I like it. Get over it.

Over and out :)