Monday, 21 September 2015

Puppy update!

So, Louis is now 9 months old and he has changed so much! He is still fairly small (about the size of a Jack Russel) but considering his Mum is a whippet and his Dad is a long legged Jack Russel I was expecting him to be a bit bigger by now haha! He's still as handsome as ever and has even learned new tricks. He can now sit, and he knows when it is bed time as he goes straight in his crate.

Don't get me wrong though, he has been very mischevious over these past few months. We have had to replace two floors, one kitchen and one bathroom as he decided lino is absolutely delicious. Also, he hasn't quite mastered how to walk properly on a lead, no matter how much training is given. He will get there eventually I suppose! His biting stage has almost completely gone, and toilet training was hard but he has the hang of it now. Getting a crate was the best thing we ever did in terms of training a pooch, keeps him safe, our floor safe and he also knows when its time to rest!

He is growing into a gorgeous, playful, friendly little pooch and I couldn't love him more!

Ciao for now, B & L xx

Current Favourites

Hello guys! Since monthly faves are so hard to keep up with when you're a busybee, I figured I'd just do a current faves. I am currently ill in bed watching Catfish: The TV Show so it's a perfect time to write a post I guess haha! Anyway, lets get on!

I am still as obsessed with makeup as ever and there have been a few new things I have tried since my last favourites post.

My current favourite foundation is the Revlon Colour Stay. Not only is this the longest lasting drugstore foundation I have ever tried, but the finish is beautiful. It dries into the most gorgeous almost matte finish. There is still a hint of a sheen which looks natural and dewy but also not shiny and greasy looking. At only a tenner, this is unreal and I'll need to order my second bottle as mine is almost gone!

I am lusting over my Collection Lip Creme Puff in Angel Delight. I was after a brown/nude shade that was easy to wear and after swatching this in the shop I just had to get it. The colour is pigmented although it wears into a lovely soft and comfortable almost lip balm texture. It also lasts ages! At £2.99 it was an absolute bargain and I cannot wait to get the rest of them.

For brows, I have been obsessed with this Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown. When I'm in a rush, it is the easiest product to just brush through my brows and then it's done! It doesn't budge at all and actually takes some effort to remove! The colour is perfect and gives me perfect definition. However when I have more time to do my brows I'll shape them and fill in with powder then use this to set the hairs and it looks so natural. Another bargain at only £5!

 Skin Care

I have only been using two things recently and my skin has never been clearer. To cleanse my skin I've been using the Number 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion. It really gives my skin a good clean and also leaves it feeling so soft! I have sensitive skin and this doesn't aggrivate my skin at all.

My go to moisuriser at the moment is the Kiss Radient Energy Balm. It is so light and has small illuminating particles in it that leaves my skin looking glowing and fresh. Another bargain at only £2 for 50ml!


I have 2 current favourite Youtuber channels at the moment! The first one being the lovely Jessica (Dazzledust08). Her makeup skills never fail to amaze me, and right now is the time to subscribe as she has just started her 2015 Halloween series!
Next up is someone who I've known for quite a while as she is from my home town. Frances (Meteosprite) is so creative with her makeup, and there is something so fresh about her, something you've never seen before! Worth checking out for sure.


I'm not a massive TV watcher but since my girlfriend and I have had Sky Multiroom put in, we've been watching it loads. The new series of MTV's Catfish is amazing, and also scary. Really eye opening. Of course the Great British Bake Off has to be mentioned too. Only 17 days 'til the new AHS tho!!!

Hope you enjoyed this guys! What has been your faves recently? :)
B xx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meet my puppy!

Hello everyone :) I have had so many different things happening recently so I do apologise for my absense. However, I thought I'd write a blog post on the newest and most beautiful thing in my life right now! 

My girlfriend Shelbie surprised me with a gorgeous little puppy. He is called Louis (pronounced Lew-ie) and he is a Jack Russell Terrier x Whippet. He is absolutely beautiful! He is 7 weeks old and is mostly white apart from a chocolate brown patch around his left eye. My girlfriends sister also got a little girl called Coco out of his litter. 

We got him on Thursday (it is now Saturday) and so far he's been pretty well behaved. I mean, he is a puppy so OFC he is gunna get up to mischief (earlier he decided that our bed is the new puppy pad) but apart from that he is an absolute joy and has settled in to the family beautifully. The only thing we seem to be struggling is getting him to settle on a night time. Of course it's expected for puppies to cry on their first nights way from their mum and litter, but Louis howls and cries for hours! It's impossible to sleep. He is currently sleeping in our bedroom but we are going to try him sleeping in the kitchen with our other gorgeous boy, Bruiser the chiwawa x jack Russell. Here's hoping that goes well! 

Below are some pictures of Louis and his sister Coco too. I'll keep you guys updated on his progression with training and pictures! 

Loves of love 

B&Louis! Xx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My new favourite dark lipstick...for £1?!

So last week I popped into my local Poundland to pick up some bits and pieces, and I noticed that they had a new makeup stand by the brand Makeup Gallery. I have never heard about this brand before, and let's face it, how good can a £1 lipstick really be right? But boy was I impressed! I picked up the All About the Pout Colour Moisture lipstick in 18 black cherry and I am totally in love. 

This is the most gorgeous deep red ever! Although it is slightly on the berry side, it's still a definite red, well to me anyways! 

I'm so excited by this find that I feel like going back and buying every single colour and maybe even some other bits and pieces from the brand too. I mean £1?! Seriously?! It's gorgeous! So moisturising on the lips and gorgeous colour payoff. I am seriously impressed. 

Pics below! Hope you enjoyed reading, ciao for now xx