Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meet my puppy!

Hello everyone :) I have had so many different things happening recently so I do apologise for my absense. However, I thought I'd write a blog post on the newest and most beautiful thing in my life right now! 

My girlfriend Shelbie surprised me with a gorgeous little puppy. He is called Louis (pronounced Lew-ie) and he is a Jack Russell Terrier x Whippet. He is absolutely beautiful! He is 7 weeks old and is mostly white apart from a chocolate brown patch around his left eye. My girlfriends sister also got a little girl called Coco out of his litter. 

We got him on Thursday (it is now Saturday) and so far he's been pretty well behaved. I mean, he is a puppy so OFC he is gunna get up to mischief (earlier he decided that our bed is the new puppy pad) but apart from that he is an absolute joy and has settled in to the family beautifully. The only thing we seem to be struggling is getting him to settle on a night time. Of course it's expected for puppies to cry on their first nights way from their mum and litter, but Louis howls and cries for hours! It's impossible to sleep. He is currently sleeping in our bedroom but we are going to try him sleeping in the kitchen with our other gorgeous boy, Bruiser the chiwawa x jack Russell. Here's hoping that goes well! 

Below are some pictures of Louis and his sister Coco too. I'll keep you guys updated on his progression with training and pictures! 

Loves of love 

B&Louis! Xx