Monday, 28 July 2014

Coloured Contact Lenses! (MyCosmeticLenses)

 Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much recently - moving house is so stressful! I do have a list of things I'd like to share with you and they will be coming soon, lots of new things to talk about! Anyway, I have been looking at getting some coloured contact lenses recently, and after a bit of research I think this brand sounds pretty damn amazing! I'm a massive Geordie Shore fan so the fact that Marnie Simpson wears this brand of contact lenses particularly excited me! Below is some information on the brand MyCosmenticLenses in case you were interested. Have any of you guys heard of this brand before? Or have you ever tried wearing coloured contact lenses before? Let me know!

Ciao for now! B xx

MyCosmeticLenses is a company which sells non-prescription “plano” fashion coloured contact lenses. The lenses do not alter your sight at all. 

The lenses are of the highest quality and EC certified. 

The company was founded to fill a gap in the market for lenses which both look natural and are comfortable to wear, and unlike other cosmetic lenses on the market, they’re extremely comfortable due to their high water content of 42%. They’re also extremely easy to insert. 

Lenses have a 1 year life from when first removed from their packaging, based on wearing them for 8 hours per day and following proper care instructions. 

We stock and supply over 30 colours and they’re all designed to look totally natural, so that meeting someone for the first time, they’d think that was your natural eye colour. 

Absolutely all items come with free postage, and lenses stock from £12.99. 

Your can choose your colour to either slightly alter your eye colour, or go for a big dramatic change. They’re especially popular amongst people with dark brown eyes who want to experience having bright blue eyes or piercing green eyes for the first time ever, it really does change a persons whole look. 

We also have a special 1 tone range with Geordie Shore Marnie Simpson, who has been wearing coloured contact lenses for many years. She loves our lenses due to their comfort with Pure Blue being (which she’s wearing in all images ) being her favourite colour which she is often seen wearing on the show. Marnie has naturally dark brown eyes