Friday, 28 March 2014

Sinful Colours Nail Varnishes

Hello everyone, happy Friday! Today whilst browsing Boots, I came across a beautiful stand of nail varnishes called Sinful Colours. What caught my attention about these particular varnishes was the gorgeous array of different colours! From pastels, to chunky glitters and neons. It was simply beautiful! When I noticed that the nail varnishes were only £1.99 each I had to grab a few to try! Here are my thoughts on them.

Left to right
Cinderella, Unicorn, Pinky Glitter, Easy Going


This is a gorgeous sky blue colour with tiny specks of pink and silver shimmer in it. The first coat came out quite streaky and thin so I couldn't really see the blue, but after a second coat is was much more opaque. I am absolutely in love with this colour and I think it is perfect for spring! 

Again, this is certainly not a one coat wonder, however the second coat reveals a gorgeous pastel yellow colour. Again, perfect for spring! I think this would look really nice on an accent nail teamed with 'Cinderella'! 

Pinky Glitter

This one is probably my favourite out of all four of them. A gorgeous Barbie pink with a mixture of silver, gold and pink glitter in it! Perfect for the typical girly girl. This again needed two coats, but the results are beautiful! None of the glitter clumped together and the pink colour was really opaque. This could also be used as a top coat with a different shade of pink! 

Easy Going

I am a big fan of pale nails as it is, so when I saw this colour I had to have it. When I want light nails I normally go for my snowy white colour, but this pale pink is a lovely alternative! This particular colour would work with only one coat, as it is very opaque, but if you really want them to pop I'd probably go for two! 

These nail varnishes are currently in offer in Boots for 3 for £4 which is an absolute bargain! Hope you enjoyed this post guys, be sure to comment if you've tried any nail varnishes from this brand before! 

Ciao for now!  Bethanieeee .x.