Wednesday, 18 December 2013

E.L.F Haul & Review

Hello everybody! I've recently become obsessed with the makeup brand ELF (eyeslipsface). I've found that their products are such good quality for their price, I can't quite believe it. Being a student, it's hard for me to resist a beauty bargain. These products are all very affordable, in fact, this is my third order from ELF! They have recently had another 50% off sale to celebrate their 10th birthday, so I thought I would treat myself. Here is a review of all the products I bought on this order, hope you enjoy! (Please note that you can only order ELF online if you are in the UK so delivery charges may apply if you're ordering)


The first thing I added to my basket was this gorgeous little eye shadow palette. There was a different one I had my eye on, but considering its almost Christmas, it was out of stock. So I ordered this little beauty instead. This is called the 'Little Black Beauty Book' in the colour 'Warm'. They also had one in 'Cool' which had loads of brights and another one called 'Festive' which I think is exclusive to this time of year. As you can see this palette has loads of wearable neutrals, but also some brights too. I was really impressed with the colour selection in this, I can see that I'm going to get plenty of use out of it! When I swatched them, I was also very impressed by the quality of the actual product. Some of the lighter colours may need to be built up in order to show the colour in the pan, but most of the medium to dark colours and also the brights are very pigmented, easy to blend and work with and not chalky at all. The actual palette came with a useful little mirror and also a double ended sponge applicator, although I really don't like them and are useless to me. Really impressed with this one! This palette retails for £8.00. Click here to buy.

The next thing I ordered is a lipstick from the Essentials range. On my first I order I got 2 of these just to try as the price is amazing. This colour is called 'Sociable' and is the most gorgeous hot pink colour. It has a little bit or red in it also, and it is a matte finish. The first two I ordered are the most pigmented lipsticks I think I have EVER tried. They're so creamy and glide on the lips like a dream, so it was inevitable that I want to build up my collection of these amazing finds. This particular colour is gorgeous and I don't own anything quite like it. I am definitely going to expand my collection of Elf Essential lipsticks, I can't get enough! These lipsticks retail for £1.50 each, click here to buy. 

Swatch of Blushing Rose 

I've recently decided that I want to expand my blush collection, I only have a couple that I actually like and use so I thought it would be nice to pick one up as a starting point. This blush is from the studio line and is called 'Blushing Rose'. It is a lovely muted rose pink colour with tiny flecks of gold shimmer in it, although I must say that it is barely noticeable on the skin, which is fine by me as I don't like to look like a disco ball. This product is really pigmented, and I think it is the perfect shade for a winter blush. I think I will get a lot of use out of this! The packaging for the blushes are also very comparable to the Nars packaging. This isn't a deal-breaker for me as it is whats inside that counts (haha) but I must say that I was impressed, it is very sturdy! Each blush retails for £3.75, click here to buy. 

The next thing I ordered is a pair of false lashes. I am really into false lashes, I love the way they look and they make me feel really 'done up' when I wear them, but I don't like them for every day makeup looks. I thought I would try a pair as they're super cheap and there is nothing wrong with trying something new! The lashes themselves look really lovely and fluttery. I like to wear eyeliner on my top lash line when I wear lashes so the black rim won't be a problem for me, but they may be to others. However, I tried the eyelash glue on my fingers to see how sticky it might be, and its a shame because it just dried and wasn't sticky at all. I normally wear lashes from EyeLure and I still have some glue from them so I will use that glue, but apart from that, I can't wait to try them! These lashes retail for £1.50, click here to buy! 

I ordered a couple more brushes, after being blown away by the quality of the previous brushes I have ordered from ELF. (Blogpost on previous ELF orders coming soon) This paricular brush, the Powder Brush, is so lovely. The bristles are lovely and soft, and it is so dense, I just know that it will be perfect for powder products, but also for buffing in foundation. It is a lovely size for both. It has a lovely handle and is really comfortable to use, it feels way more expensive then it is! By far one of my favourite purchases. This brush retails for £3.75 (a steal!) and you can buy it here

Finally, I purchased the Angled Contour Brush from the studio range. I actually didn't own a contour brush for my eyes so I thought it would be a lovely brush to add to my collection. The bristles are also very soft and dense, but not so dense that you can't blend with it. I've tested it a few times now and I am also very impressed with it! It blends powder eye shadow beautiful and fits perfectly in my crease for contouring and blending. I think that it is also a really good size for contouring maybe your nose or if you're wanting to do precise contouring on the cheeks. It may even be the perfect size for blending concealer under the eyes! I think I may have to stock up on a couple of these babies! This brush retails for £3.75 and you can buy it here

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and haul, let me know if you like posts like this and i'll be sure to post some more! Happy holidays! B xxx