Saturday, 5 October 2013

I'm back!

Hello everyone! It's been over 2 months since I last posted, I'm so sorry! I've been super busy with a lot of things but I promise I'm back and will be posting more. I thought I'd post about what I've been up to and what to expect in my future posts now I have time to blog again!

So basically, over the last 2 months I have been settling in to my new job at Subway. Being a university student, I think it is important to have a part time helps with the cheeky nights out and excessive beauty product shopping trips! I've been really enjoying it and everyone is great there. 

I have also moved into my new place! It's amazing, I actually love it so much. It's so close to all the shops (like Boots is LITERALLY a 30 second walk from my front door..pretty dangerous) and my room is gorgeous. It has some amazing features like a super king size bed, a Jacuzzi bath and a plasma TV. (Not bragging..just proud! ;]) The house itself used to be a hotel and it is pretty obvious when you look at the rooms, but it's still gorgeous and I love it. There are 26 rooms in total! 

When moving into student accommodation, it is obvious that you will meet loads of new people! I am fortunate enough to be living with some of the coolest and interesting people you will ever meet. I'm living with musicians, students who have worked in mental health, students from around the world and -best of all- I am living with my two best friend Jess & Alex from last year! I know this year is going to be awesome. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I started Slimming World to lose a bit of holiday weight (from 3 years ago) and to get healthy in time for my big sister's wedding at the end of the month. I am pleased to announce that in total I have lost 1 stone and 7 lb (21 lbs) I am so pleased with myself, and I can feel the benefits already!

 I have got loaaads of beauty products and make up that I will be writing about so keep your eyes peeled! I am VERY excited about a lot of them! I love it when a product exceeds your expectations. 

I think I've pretty much covered all the interesting bits that I've been up to! What have you guys been doing? Have any of you started university this year?  :)

Ciao lovelies x.x