Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Maybelline Babylips Review

When Maybelline brought out the Baby Lips range, the world of internet beauty blogging went wild! After seeing a review featured on everyone's blog, it seemed I was missing out by not owning one. So, I did what every beauty blogger would do..get my hands on one! I picked up Pink Punch from my local Boots store. After using this lip balm for a fair few weeks,  I have come to the conclusion that yes it's pretty and it smells nice, but I'm not too sure all the reviews are accurate.

I had to reapply the lip balm every hour or so, even though one of the selling points of Baby Lips is the 8 hour hydration. The colour payoff was quite nice as it stains the lips, and also the smell was a nice bonus. But as a hydrating lip balm, I really don't think that it was worth the hype. Maybe it was this particular flavour? Who knows. Can any of you guys recommend me your favourite Baby Lips that actually sticks to it's promise?

Ciao for now! B x.x

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