Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Exciting news!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been writing too much, but I've been very busy! First thing is..I've got a job! I've been desperately searching for a job that doesn't interfere with my uni timetable, and the other day Subway rang me up! I already have 5 shifts sorted and I don't even have my contract yet..happy days! It took a while to get a decent enough job, and it was worth the wait. Free salad..mmm :) 

Another piece of exciting news is that I've joined slimming world! If you are in or have been in a really happy and settled relationship, you will know that you get into the routine of just eating. All the time. Restaurants  nights in with loads of food..I've piled the weight on and I really miss my healthy lifestyle. My big sister is getting married in a few months and as you all know I've recently got engaged so I want to look my best when my sisters big day and my big day come around. It's been a week since I joined and tonight is my first weigh in, I'll keep you posted if I've lost any! 

More beauty reviews to come tonight btw guys! 

Ciao for now! .x.