Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Love Lettuce Face Mask by Lush

So I came across this face mask by complete accident whilst looking for a bath ballistic to treat myself with! The face masks in Lush all look so delicious but I was always put off by the short use by date on them as they're made with fresh ingredients. I have used 'Cupcake' before by Lush, but that didn't nearly compare to this new discovery! 

First off, I'd like to mention that I am one of those people who will go up to the counter and ask for a free sample of a product that I was to try, but don't want to splash out on. Being a student, its's sort of given that I have to be careful with my weekly treats so I found that this is a good way to try products that you are interested in before you hand over the cash! I'm currently house sitting in Lincoln so I was in the Lincoln Lush store, and the lady that served me was such a doll, so helpful and friendly! And she practically gave me a free tub of the face mask as they had run out of the small sample tubs. 

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask 

This face mask is so so sooo brilliant. I used it two nights ago and I noticed a huge difference in my complexion in terms of clarity, brightening and removal of dead skin. I loved it that much that I used it again the night after (I know you're not really supposed to but I was actually amazed by what a difference it made during one application) and even my fiancee tried it and loved it. 

The mask itself is a lovely bright green colour, with fine exfoliating beads in it, although I couldn't tell it was an exfoliate at first look as the beads are really fine and it looks so think and creamy in the tub. It has ingredients such as seaweed gel in it which is awesome for sensitive skin. It also says on the website that it smells like french lavender to balance the skin's sebum production, I did pick up on this but it just smells so fresh and clean and that is mainly what drew me to the product! 

I haven't used it for a couple nights, but my skin still feels super soft and clean, as if I've had a facial. I think I'm going to fit this into my weekly treat skincare routine as after using it only a few times, I am absolutely hooked! I'm literally amazed by the fast results!! 

Do you guys use any of the Lush fresh face masks? I'd like to know if there is any more that are as brilliant as this one!

Ciao for now! x.x.x